Goodbye 2020. It's Not Me....It's YOU

Dear 2020, 

I gave you plenty of chances, but it's time for me to move on.  It's clear that this has been a toxic relationship. 

You see, 2020, I had goals.  Goals I defined back when I was still with 2019.  Goals that I set for the entire year.  Both professional and personal.   

Early in our relationship everything was great and I was excited for our future together.  But then you started hanging out with -COVID-.  At first it didn't seem to be all that big of a deal.  I was a little concerned in the beginning about what people were saying, but you seemed fine at the time, so I let it go.  But then Covid started occupying a lot of your time, and interfering with our relationship.  Everything was Covid this, Covid that.  I felt like I got left behind, sitting at home, wondering what happened.  

I had to scramble to change some of my goals.  Other goals I just had to let go. We were supposed to go to Costa Rica in the spring, remember?  But thanks to your pal Covid, that got ruined.  I could provide a lot of other examples, but seriously, what would be the point in doing so?  It's clear that we haven't been getting along for some time.  And, it's clear that Covid is more important to you than I am.

So, 2020, despite the high hopes I had for you, I need get on with my life.   I've found a new friend:  2021.  

2021 knows about you and your pal Covid, and doesn't intend to make the same mistake you did.  Both 2021 and I know that Covid will try to stick around for a little while longer, but we are prepared and plan to do some exciting things together. 

For example, right out the door in January we are going to do a free online Masterclass: 

The 4 Critical Steps to Control Your Drinking - So You Can Live Your Best Life. 

This Masterclass is for women 40 and over who want to learn how to change their relationship with alcohol. 

But that's not all there is see, 2021 and I have a lot of other exciting things planned to help women kick the alcohol habit, feel like themselves again and wake up every day ready to live their next greatest adventure.   

So, 2020, I'm going to kindly ask you to leave.  I don't see any future for us together.  2021 and I will make new goals and revise old goals.  And we will make it work.  



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