Goodbye 2020. It's Not Me....It's YOU

Dear 2020, 

I gave you plenty of chances, but it's time for me to move on.  It's clear that this has been a toxic relationship. 

You see, 2020, I had goals.  Goals I defined back when I was still with 2019.  Goals that I set for the entire year.  Both professional and personal.   

Early in our relationship everything was great and I was excited for our future together.  But then you started hanging out with -COVID-.  At first it didn't seem to be all that big of a deal.  I was a little concerned in the beginning about what people were saying, but you seemed fine at the time, so I let it go.  But then Covid started occupying a lot of your time, and interfering with our relationship.  Everything was Covid this, Covid that.  I felt like I got left behind, sitting at home, wondering what happened.  

I had to scramble to change some of my goals.  Other goals I just had to let go. We were...

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