Women Who Inspire Me - My Adoptive Mother

16 years ago yesterday, my adoptive mother left this world.  I was adopted as an infant so while she is my adoptive mother, she is the only mother I have known.  I didn't always agree with her, in fact we hadn't spoken for a year when she died.  My brother phoned me to tell me her time was close, so I got on a plane and came to her.  When I got to her bedside, she was not responsive.  Did she know I was there?  I don't know.  I'd like to think she did.  

She was born 3 months premature at the beginning of the Great Depression.  The fact that she even survived is a miracle.   Sadly, her mother did not survive and died 6 months after she was born.  Her dad was a musician and traveled a lot so she and her older sister were given to relatives to raise.  

Despite her rough beginning, she did grow up, go to school, graduate and get married.  Her first marriage was cut short when her new husband decided to...

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Goodbye 2020. It's Not Me....It's YOU

Dear 2020, 

I gave you plenty of chances, but it's time for me to move on.  It's clear that this has been a toxic relationship. 

You see, 2020, I had goals.  Goals I defined back when I was still with 2019.  Goals that I set for the entire year.  Both professional and personal.   

Early in our relationship everything was great and I was excited for our future together.  But then you started hanging out with -COVID-.  At first it didn't seem to be all that big of a deal.  I was a little concerned in the beginning about what people were saying, but you seemed fine at the time, so I let it go.  But then Covid started occupying a lot of your time, and interfering with our relationship.  Everything was Covid this, Covid that.  I felt like I got left behind, sitting at home, wondering what happened.  

I had to scramble to change some of my goals.  Other goals I just had to let go. We were...

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When The Nest Goes Empty

When my kids were close to graduating high school I used to go stand in the doorways of their rooms and look inside.  Because I was imagining what I would do with the space after they moved out.  Does that make me an awful mother?  I don't think so.  I was their mother then and I still am today.  Rather, I like to think that it was my role changing and that I got to enjoy my kids as adults...and have more space for me in the house at the same time.  

Rather, I like to think that it was my role changing and that I got to enjoy my kids as adults...and have more space for me in the house at the same time.  

I was proud of my kids and the adults they were becoming.  But I also felt some twinges.  The nest would be empty and they would be gone on their own.   In a way, it felt like I was losing a piece of my identity.  

When our kids become adults, our parental roles change.  Our kids are no longer...

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3 Reasons to Quit Drinking this Fall

Ah Fall...leaves turning colors, crisp cool morning, sweater season.  I used to associate each season of the year with certain alcoholic drinks and Fall was no exception.  Fall can also mean a return to routines.  Kids and grandkids are back in school (well….kind of…), and the holidays are right around the corner. 

Which makes this the perfect time to quit or take a break from drinking. 

Um…say what???  Right now I’m guessing you think I’m nuts.  That this is the worst possible time!  The days are getting shorter, it’s getting cold out, the holidays….and Winter is coming!  (Cue Game of Thrones music).  Unless of course you live in the southern hemisphere, or a more tropical environment, but even then there is still the holidays.  How would any of it be bearable without a drink in my hand…Right?? 

Here’s the thing.   We can always find a reason to put it...

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Why I Broke Up With Alcohol (But We Can Still Be in the Same Room)

Dear Alcohol, we have to talk.  Its not me, it's you. 

Its true, I broke up with alcohol.  Today, I don't drink and enjoy an alcohol free lifestyle.  Best decision I ever made.  In fact, I'm so happy with my decision that I became a Certified Recovery Coach to help other women who want to re-examine their relationship with alcohol.  If you want to know more about my story, grab my e-book, its free

I don't hate alcohol and I don't hate people who drink.  My husband is a casual drinker and I'm fine with that.  I have clients who are alcohol free and clients who drink.  I also have clients who want to stop or moderate their drinking. 

My purpose as a coach is to work with women over 40 who want to find their true calling or purpose in life.  Sometimes alcohol can get in the way of that.  If so, then we can focus on that.  If not, then we can focus on other areas.  Or, we can focus on alcohol first...

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