Women Who Inspire Me - My Adoptive Mother

16 years ago yesterday, my adoptive mother left this world.  I was adopted as an infant so while she is my adoptive mother, she is the only mother I have known.  I didn't always agree with her, in fact we hadn't spoken for a year when she died.  My brother phoned me to tell me her time was close, so I got on a plane and came to her.  When I got to her bedside, she was not responsive.  Did she know I was there?  I don't know.  I'd like to think she did.  

She was born 3 months premature at the beginning of the Great Depression.  The fact that she even survived is a miracle.   Sadly, her mother did not survive and died 6 months after she was born.  Her dad was a musician and traveled a lot so she and her older sister were given to relatives to raise.  

Despite her rough beginning, she did grow up, go to school, graduate and get married.  Her first marriage was cut short when her new husband decided to...

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