Women Who Inspire Me - Ruth Bader Ginsburg

When I heard the news on Friday night, I felt like someone had just kicked me in the gut.  It still hurts, and probably will for some time.  There are certain people, in my view, who should be exempt from the limits of mortality.  People who should be allowed to live forever because of the value they add to our world for simply being who they are.  

Ruth is one of those.  

Yes, she was a Supreme Court Justice with very liberal leanings.  However, lets put partisan politics aside for a moment shall we?  I want to focus on RGB the person.    

She was a champion for equality.  She is best known for her fight for gender equality but she was also a fierce advocate for equal justice and eliminating discrimination of all types.

Her own personal experiences with gender discrimination inspired her to become a leader in the fight for gender equality.   In an October 1, 2016 article in the New York Times,...

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